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Parish Centre

This contemporary design for Magherafelt Parish Centre bookends the adjoining terrace and enjoys a direct visual relationship with the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption opposite. The natural topography of the site has been utilised in the split-level design to ensure the scale and massing of the building fits harmoniously with its surrounding context.

The brief for the centre focussed on three main hubs of activity. The Pastoral Centre is accessed at street level and utilised on a daily basis; the snooker club is accessed during the evenings and at weekends from the car park at the rear; and the Parish Hall at first floor level is accessed from the newly enhanced nursery school road and car park adjacent. Each hub can operate independently of the others without compromising the security of the overall building.


“…it was felt that there was great need for a venue where parish events could take place and where functions could be held to create a sense of community and bonding between our parishioners…and the wider community.

…The Parish centre has been up and running now for over eight months and has been a great blessing for our parish…it has been so popular that we are not always able to facilitate all that wish to use it. We have held many large concerts and functions which have been full to capacity and we couldn’t be happier with this facility and its ideal location…”

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