We are trained in identifying and diagnosing defects. We will even go on to specialise in certain areas – for instance, listed buildings or diagnosing dampness.

There are many different types of report that we can offer, each requiring a different level of detail. Here are just a few:

Home Condition Survey: The Home Condition Survey (HCS) is a private survey offered by members of the SAVA Scheme. The HCS is a non-invasive survey carried out on residential properties. The survey is designed to help homebuyers protect their investments.

RICS Condition Report: This report shows the condition of the property, offers guidance to legal advisors and highlights any urgent defects. The HBR is aimed at conventional properties and newer homes.

RICS HomeBuyer Report: This report includes all the features of the RICS Condition Report, plus a market valuation and insurance rebuild costs. It also includes advice on defects that may affect the value of the property with repairs, and ongoing maintenance advice.